Sweet 16 is all about alignment.

Sweet 16 is all about alignment.

Sweet 16. How good does this year feel already?

I posted something on Facebook last week that is shaping the way I do things this year. Its about living my truth and i’ll share more about the post later in this blog;

This year I’m doing things differently. I still have my goals, I still have my vision board (which I look at in a very different way thanks to Joel Brown), I am still taking action (at much higher levels), but I am guiding everything by how I want to FEEL.

And this year, I want to feel ALIGNED.

This year I’m changing the game a bit with what I’ve been doing. There is a LOT happening in my world. With my business, my life, and the direction I want to go. I am beyond excited for what is in store. This time in 4 months, life will look pretty different. It may or may not include a big giant leap 😉

In 2016, ALIGNMENT and living my truth is how I’m living. And it feels different already. No shortcuts, no excuses, nothing but the real deal.

When I feel aligned, I make better choices. When I feel aligned, I am guided. When I feel aligned, I attract more of what I desire. When I feel aligned, life is just much sweeter.

Someone asked me the other day, what does that even mean, alignment?

It means that everything I do is in alignment with what I talk about. Everything I do is in alignment with my beliefs. What I do behind closed doors is the exact same as I would if the world was watching.

I love asking people that question – how would you feel if people saw what you were doing behind closed doors? It’s confronting. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

Alignment is authenticity at its best.

So my post on Facebook which I referred to at the beginning of this blog was about something I did at the beach; While I’ve worked hard on my self-love for the past few years, and improved so much, I still had this niggle and resistance when it came to my body – 3 years ago I was mauled by a dog and as a result I have a lump where the dog’s teeth grabbed a hold of the back of my thigh. I loathed the lump. And it happened to be something I would always cover up when surfing. I don’t know why surfing, maybe its because it felt so exposed then. The other day, I let it go. It is what it is. It doesn’t define me, I love myself, I love my body and I’m proud of everything that makes me who I am…

No more judgement, just love.

It felt so good.

I have a few words I am living by this year. Alignment is just one of them. Some others are joy, light and expansive, connected, and powerful.

So now its your turn…

How do you want to feel?

Which words can you allow to guide your decisions this year? Which words and feelings are you truly going to live by? 

Happy Sweet ’16 my friends x


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