Rainbow Chicken Lettuce Cups

Rainbow Chicken Lettuce Cups

So much deliciousness and goodness in each bite! You will love these – easy, healthy, nourishing and tasty.

Ingredients (serves 4)

500g organic chicken mince (I ask my butcher to mince 2 large chicken breasts)

half red capsicum diced

bean sprouts

1 Cos Lettuce

handful of snow peas thinly sliced

1 small broccoli – cut florets into small pieces

1 carrot – diced

small handful of torn parsley

1 tomato diced

1/4 purple cabbage, diced

fish sauce

sesame oil

1 chilli – chopped finely

1 small red onion


Brown onion in fry pan (with small dash of rice bran oil) in non stick pan on high

Add chicken and stir until it starts cooking

Add veggies and bean sprouts

Stir parsley through

Mix fish sauce (1/3 cup), dash of sesame oil with the finely chopped chilli and pour over dish (in pan)

Stir and toss occasionally and cook until ready – approx 10-12 minutes
Optional – to add some tamari, more fish sauce, sprinkle of chilli, if required


Serve in lettuce pieces from the Cos (as shown in photo)


Enjoy and eat with gratitude :)

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