What Jess taught me

What Jess taught me

It’s taken me months to publish this because to be honest, I’d been stuck in disbelief. I truly struggled to believe she’s not here anymore.


I still remember the day I met Jess like yesterday. I was at the gorgeous Ground Organic café in Buderim in 2012, with my sister who was holidaying and staying with me at the time. I spotted Jess sitting on another table and was immediately starstruck. Here was the girl who had changed my life. She opened my eyes to the health and wellness world like no one had ever before. She inspired me to study to be a health coach, start a blog, and live a life of purpose where I could make a difference in people’s lives through inspiring healthy living.


In reflection there are just so many things that Jess taught me and that have made me the person I am today and I’d love to share with you just a few.


I first came across Jess’ blog the Wellness Warrior when I was living in Noosa in 2011. I had moved to the Sunshine Coast on my own from Melbourne and my good friend Sarah had suggested I read this blog. I spent many days by Noosa beach on my ipad reading her blogs and being inspired by her healthy ways.


It changed my life.


Jess changed my life.


From the moment I started reading I was hooked. Hooked on health, on inspiration, on love, on purpose, on life. Jess opened up my eyes to the things that make my soul full.


Jess taught me that Green Smoothies were the bomb. Anyone who knew me from pre-2011 knows that the only green things I was having were shots at the bar. Ha! Not really, but a green smoothie, what was that? And why would you put something like that into your body? I did get that they were healthy, but the truth was she opened my eyes to the fact that the way I treated my body was a reflection of how I felt about myself. When I respected myself I fed my body nourishing foods. And green smoothies were an amazing way to achieve that. They were a huge game-changer for me and my health transformation.


She taught me to live my truth. Jess didn’t care what others thought. Ofcourse in a respectful way. The important thing to her was that she was living her truth. She knew she was here to inspire others to see and experience a healthier way. To respect our bodies and cherish the life we were given. Jess was a true game-changer. I honour Jess by living my truth every single day. I know why I’m here, I’m passionate about being of service, and each day I just do my best to live authentically, truthfully and passionately to inspire healthy change in people’s lives.


She taught me that self-love was the essence of everything in life. How can we show up, be of service, be our best, choose love and come from a place of love if we don’t love ourselves? Self-love is the most beautiful thing ever. And it was one of the first things I started embodying when I started reading Jess’ blog. I am so grateful.


Jess taught me about coffee enemas, cleansing, organic food, the importance of supplements, meditation, courage and so much more.


The quote she left us with still gives me goosebumps every single day. And if everyone could live by these words – then the world would be a better place.


“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground; let their spirit ignite a fire within you, to leave this world better than when you found it.”


I am so deeply thankful to have spent time with Jess, to have learnt from her, to have laughed with her, and most of all to have been inspired by her.

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