How to float your way to bliss

How to float your way to bliss

Last time I felt like this was in 2011; I was lying in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt thanking my lucky stars for where the Universe had taken me on my backpacking journey, and feeling an amazing sense of bliss and relaxation.

This time though, on the other side of the world in Melbourne, lying in a pod full of water and 500kg of Magnesium sulfate; ok i’ll admit it was a tad different, but it reminded me so clearly of that immense gratitude, sense of deep relaxation and shift in consciousness that is experienced when you are in that state.

Picture this for a second… Lying in a dark, soundproof pod, suspended in a warm salt water solution, with absolutely zero chance of being interrupted. If thats not heavenly, I don’t know what is.

I’ve only recently heard about these ‘float’ spaces – as one has popped up locally on the Sunshine Coast. They are centres designed to create a space for people to come, and experience 60 minutes of bliss. In the modern world it’s a disconnection that we rarely get. Yes we can meditate in peace, shavasana at the end of yoga, but not in this secluded space where you have a guarantee that you will not be interrupted – hard to even imagine sometimes.

So I bet you are wondering what it is?

Floatation is an effective form of stress relief and deep relaxation through sensory deprivation, in an environment free from external stimulation. Floatation involves lying in a dark, soundproof pod, suspended in a warm salt water solution. The pods are designed to remove the effect of gravity, as the buoyancy of the water supports your body and creates the feeling of weightlessness and allows your muscles to relax.



Ofcourse there are relaxation and stress-relief benefits but floatation has also become a widely accepted form of treatment for a number of conditions and ailments.

Just a few of the known benefits include

  • Alleviates mental and physical stress
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces symptoms of headaches, fatigue and jet lag
  • improves immunity
  • promotes circulation
  • accelerates recovery post work-out
  • assists in pain management
  • increases secretion of endorphins and serotonin
  • induces profound relaxation
  • creates mental clarity
  • accelerates learning and expands awareness
  • enhances meditation
  • and so much more!

So not only do you leave feeling relaxed, but you feel energised, clear and happy!

The place I went to was Resthouse Float Centre in Hampton East. Really warm, beautiful and calming space, with amazing staff there to make your experience one to remember.

It really is a great opportunity to disconnect, rejuvenate and tap into deep relaxation while also boosting energy and physical health.

So… Have you tried it, and what did you think?



Special mention to Jelena at Resthouse for being so welcoming.

And if you want to try it – make sure you contact them on (03) 8525 1881 to book in a ‘float’ today!


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