Why I decided to hit the reset button in June

Why I decided to hit the reset button in June

Well, Why not?

I’m turning 30 next month, and I want to start the new (and best yet) decade feeling cleansed, balanced, and more radiant than ever!

Although I cleanse weekly (through intermittent fasting) and eat clean, organic where possible, I supplement with amazing nutritional products and have an extremely nourishing diet – reality is, we live in a toxic world. I also like to celebrate life frequently and other special occasions with wine and champagne, I like my one weekly coffee, and sometimes theres a cheese platter going around which I like to indulge in. So fair to say, over time – impurities do build up. And while we have organs to detoxify our bodies of which I’m always very grateful for, its just not enough in our modern environment. Plus my husband finally decided to do a 30 day program to feel his best, so I had to join him.

I still felt great before I started this round, but I knew I was in need of a good clean out. Everyone needs to cleanse.

The Nutritional Cleanse I use, live by, and share with clients, changed my life. Period. I tried the eating clean elimination diet, I tried the juice detoxes, but what I found for me was that those methods were not getting rid of the built up impurities in my body, and they also weren’t providing me with the optimal nutrients that this program does. (Did you know what we used to be able to get out of one cup of spinach we now need over 43 cups to get the same nutritional value).

Before I tried this, no matter what I did, I still felt sluggish, flat, constipated, dull and frustrated. Not to mention carrying a layer of fat I couldn’t shift no matter how many times I worked out.

Being authentic and showing up that way, for me means balance. In everything I do. Mind, body and spirit. Nutrition, fitness and wellness.

The Cleanse I use is simply a part of my balanced lifestyle, and annually I choose to hit the ‘reset’ button to allow my balanced lifestyle to maintain sustain the vibrant life that I live. I’ve been on 6 trips this year (2 international and 4 interstate), I’ve had 2 x 5 day conferences, and its fair to say the first half of the year I haven’t had the best routine. I make do, and it works, but being home for the next month I thought the perfect opportunity to make the most of it and jump straight into a strict 30 day cleanse.

This may or may not be for you – but if you’ve tried everything else or you’ve been feeling a pull towards trying something new – take the leap, and trust that it may well change your life like it has mine.

I cannot wait to share my results with you, and also the other parts I integrate into my cleanse program (meditation, exercise routine, gratitude, personal development, spiritual development) – I’ve been keeping a journal this time around (which I’ve never done before) so look forward to showing you all in a months time.



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